• Aged Care for the senior community is our priority
  • Our Elderly Support Services provides free 10 min call for seniors
  • Daily care check-in calls for senior will make sure they are doing OK
  • Our phone reassurance program will inform family members In case of an emergency
  • Wellness check-in calls provided by our caring staff give family members peace of mind
  • Elderly lonely people  will benefit from our phone chat program
  • With Daily Care Calls, you are never alone again
  • Now you know who to call to check on elderly parents and grandparents
  • Daily Care Calls will benefit not only the elderly and seniors but people of all age who are lonely
  • Our professional, international team happy to provide phone conversation in English and Russian
  • We are happy to serve seniors of Texas and the entire United States with our toll-free phone number 1-888-313-2188
  • Located near me
  • Your local and nearby friendly check-in care call
  • Rated Best phone check-in care call for seniors in Austin, Texas
  • We are supporting the English and Russian languages.
  • Our services for elderly seniors and lonely people of any age.


Daily Care Calls

You are never alone

Our Elderly Support Team Will listen to you, talk to you, support you, and pick you up when the world is bringing you down

FREE 2 weeks trial


$ 49 Monthly
  • FREE 2 Week Trial
  • 1 phone call EVERY DAY - for 3 minutes each call or email exchange
  • Caring Small Talk
  • 100 % Confidential
  • No Contract
  • We don't ask for personal information
  • Emergency Family Notification


$ 210 Monthly
  • FREE 2 Week Trial
  • EACH 15-MINUTE SESSION - $6.88
  • 1 phone call EVERY DAY - for 15 minutes each call
  • Heart to Heart Caring Talk
  • 100 % Confidential
  • No Contract
  • We don't ask for personal information
  • Emergency Family Notification


$ 163 Monthly
  • FREE 2 Week Trial
  • EACH 30-MINUTE SESSION - $12.54
  • 3 phone calls per WEEK - for 30 minutes each call
  • Caring Conversations
  • 100 % Confidential
  • No Contract
  • We don't ask for personal information
  • Emergency Family Notification


$ 325 Monthly
  • FREE 2 Week Trial
  • EACH 60-MINUTE SESSION - $25.00
  • 3 phone calls per WEEK - for 1 HOUR each call
  • Companion Conversations
  • 100 % Confidential
  • No Contract
  • We don't ask for personal information
  • Emergency Family Notification


By talking with us, you or your loved ones will find a caring friend who will bring sunshine to your life. 


 As the Covid-19 crisis has caused further isolation and loneliness among individuals and the elderly due to social distancing, Daily Care Calls is an affordable solution that is guaranteed to provide the companionship these individuals need for their quality of life.


You will be able to do your daily activities such as your job, traveling, shopping, and anything else, stress-free.


Aged Care for our Senior Community is our priority.

You will get peace of mind

It isn't easy to always check up on your loved ones when you are away from them. Our elderly support phone service will take this responsibility. You can go where ever you want, stress-free, knowing that someone can talk with them.

They will get heartfelt attention

Conversations with real care call checkers will assure you that your loved ones are getting sincere attention. Our caring call feels just like a good friend. Sometimes people need someone to talk to outside of their family and their friend circle.

Loved ones will be safe

You will get the comfort of knowing that your loved ones are safe. We will never ask for their personal information such as Address, Last Name, etc. If we were not able to reach them, we would notify you.

Our trustworthy team

    • We will call your family members to ensure they do not feel lonely. 
    • They will be receiving the phone care call checks from real people. Here at Daily Care Calls, we provide only heart-to-heart caring conversation with our amazing care call checkers, no automated calls. By request, we can provide emails or personalized text messages instead of daily reassurance calls.
    • We will talk in a friendly manner to let them feel comfortable while being alone. Your loved one will get sincere attention.
    • We will pray and read the Bible together.
    • We will play games over the phone to entertain your loved ones.
    • You will get a warning as soon as possible in case of no response from your loved ones.
    • We will never ask about personal information from your loved ones, such as an address, last name, etc.
    • The Safety and Confidentiality of our clients is our priority.

Why choose Daily Care Calls?

We believe in positive and meaningful conversations with our trustworthy team members. Every person deserves to talk to somebody real and not a robot. Here at Daily Care Calls, you will receive only actual telephone calls and speak with a person. No robocalls or automated calls. If you are looking for automated reminders or robocall check-ins – we are not a good fit for you.

We care for you, knowing that your parents grow older while you need to work and deal with your busy schedule. You want someone caring to look after them and check-up on them. That’s why we are here for you. We will call to make sure your beloved parents feel safe and in a good mood while being home alone. We will give them a dear friend whom they can talk to and share how their day went and remind them of their meals, medications, and anything necessary.

We won’t let them feel lonely and forgotten with our elderly support service. We will keep an eye on every situation to avoid serious problems that might occur when you are not around them. In case of any emergency, for example, if they are unable to pick up the phone, we will call every 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times if they still do not answer, we will inform you right away.

The Safety and Confidentiality of our clients is our priority.

We’re delighted to announce we’re now providing our services in English and Russian to all customers, at no extra charge.

Giving Back Program

Daily Care Calls gives 5% of ALL profits to non-profit organizations that provide elderly support for seniors.

We might be a small business, but we put so much love into our job.

Would you like to help us?

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