About my Care Calls for Seniors Business

Let me tell you how my Grandma inspired my Care Calls for Seniors business idea and explain why Daily Care Calls is so important for me. 

To say grief is a strange beast is an understatement. Knowing we’ll experience grief at some point in our lives is guaranteed. What we don’t know, though, is how it will affect us on a personal level or how we’ll deal with it once it happens. And absolutely nothing can prepare you for it.

My personal experience with this heartbreak came after my beloved Grandma Nina passed away. Like many of you out there who have experienced the loss of a loved one, part of my grieving involved questioning what I could have done better as a Granddaughter. Did I do enough for Grandma Nina, or was there more I could and should have done for her?About my business, Grandma inspired my business idea

Living in different countries, Grandma Nina and I would regularly speak on the phone. I’d call her several times a week to chit chat about our lives and to make sure she was ok. After every call, I’d hang up the phone thinking and feeling that Grandma Nina was doing ok. But she wasn’t ok – and she hadn’t been for a long time.

You see after I lost her, I discovered the heart-breaking truth that my poor Grandmother had been incredibly lonely. I also discovered that she feared being a burden upon her own family. And all of this I learned during a phone call with a total stranger. “Why didn’t you spend more time with your Grandmother? Why didn’t you call her every day?” the lady on the telephone had asked me…

As I spoke with this lady I had never even met, I learned the painstaking truth about my own Grandmother’s day to day struggle with life. I found out that every single day, Grandma Nina would pick up the telephone and dial random numbers in a desperate attempt to speak to another human, even just for a few minutes.

She would tell the stranger at the other end of the phone that she had misdialed their number in error, of course, but she hadn’t. She felt lonely and isolated, and this was her way to try and make it stop. It was her way of trying to make each day pass by that little bit faster. Sometimes a phone call might only last a few seconds. But there were times when Grandma Nina was lucky, where she managed to speak to someone for as long as half an hour.

Grandma Nina shared all sorts of information with those perfect strangers who were kind enough to stay on the line with her and listen. They even knew about a time when she had accidentally spilled her medication – something she couldn’t quite bring herself to tell even her own family. I had no idea she craved basic companionship with another human so desperately in life.

But the truth of the matter is that my Grandma – like many other older parents and grandparents in this world – didn’t want to be a burden on her family. She loved her family so dearly that she was willing to step quietly into the background, where she would suffer in silence, but for those few unexpected telephone companions, she was able to find along the way.

I learned the sad truth about my Grandmother after it was too late. But what I’ve also realized since I lost her is that she wasn’t alone, far from it. In fact, there are millions of people in this world – both young and old – who live their day to day lives feeling lonely, isolated, and in need of nothing more than simple companionship. I started to wonder how I might make a difference in the lives of families who care for aging loved ones.

I decided to provide care calls for seniors.

About my business - Elena Founder of Daily Care Calls

And so my mission began to try and offer care, companionship, and warm conversation to people in this world who live in social isolation, deprived of some of those basic human comforts so many of us take for granted. I believe just one simple telephone call each day might be all it takes to improve a fellow human’s life.

Surely that can’t be too much to ask, can it?

I may not have been able to give my dear Grandma Nina the level of companionship she so desperately yearned for in life, but I can and will give it to others – with my Care Calls for Seniors. 


Elena – Founder of Daily Care Calls  – Care Calls for Seniors.